Public Procurement

PLEN has consolidated experience in assisting Clients within the public procurement procedures. Since incorporation PLEN has been accompanying the public procurement area and specifically the legal regime foreseen in the current Portuguese Code of Public Procurement. Since the Code has come into force, PLEN has advised several Clients in different activity sectors and in relation to all kinds of public procurement procedures.

In terms of sectors, our experience includes the defence sector, transportation, construction, IT and multimedia, port services and the provision of other goods and services. The assistance of PLEN in this area of the Law largely depends on the level of involvement required by the Client throughout the different public procurement phases. Our assistance may include, inter alia, the following:

- Assistance to the client in preparing an offer or part thereof to submit;
- Direct negotiation with the awarding entity, when such negotiation is foreseen in the procedure;
- Preparation of written statements within the framework of the prior hearing right (“audição prévia”);
- Preparation of administrative opositions;
- Assistance to the client during performance of the contract;
- Judicial representation of the client.