It is clear that taxation is currently a crucial aspect in any business or financial transaction. It is a decisive factor in what relates to the structuring of operations and transactions, regardless of their complexity.

Tax planning through efficient structures during conception of operations and investment projects has become essential. The prevention and/or avoidance of contingencies constitutes the main concern of our analysis.

PLEN is especially skilled in this area of the law and provides advice on the different aspects of taxation, from consultancy to domestic and international planning.

PLEN’s team is familiar with the great diversity of tax systems and legislation and its work is oriented to a perspective of maximization of results to the Client.

PLEN ensures updating and specialisation in an area of highly technical and specific regulation, in continuous change.

PLEN’s team believes that taxation has a transversal nature and is strictly linked to the remaining areas of the law. Accordingly, PLEN is able to provide Clients with an integrated and complementary legal service throughout the different stages and forms of its advisory intervention.